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Real Techniques, Beauty Blender Review

The battle of the blending sponge; 

I've had these sponges for a while now, so thought it was about time to compare the two on the blog. I have quite a few sponges but these two are the most popular in the beauty world, so here it is. 

Real Techniques, Beauty Blender Review

Honestly, since I bought this sponge, I haven't used any sort of brush to apply my foundation or my concealer. I use it every single day and it leaves my skin looking flawless, it really changed my foundation/base routine. I remember using sponges when I first started wearing makeup, YEARS ago. None of them were like this though and I certainly never wet them first. I was a little spectical about doing this at first, I thought it'd just soak up all the product and wipe it off my face but it does the complete opposite, it makes my foundation look and feel.

  • Rounded sides - blend large areas of the face with a repeated "dabbing" or "stippling" motion 
  • Precision tip - covers blemishes and imperfections 
  • Flat edge - for the contours around the eyes and nose

  • Real Techniques, Beauty Blender Review

    The Beauty Blender | £16.00 

    A sponge that's £16, must be super duper ey? Erm, sadly I don't believe this one is worth the hype. It does exactly the same as my Real Techniques one for a fraction of the price. I don't really see this as been worth £16 as it does nothing different to cheaper versions. Yes, it might be 'cool' to say you own a beauty blender, but honestly would save my money and get the RT one.

    Lot's of Love

    Dena Jayne

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