Friday Favourite | #2 The Best Highlighter In The World.

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The Best Highlighter In The World.

I'm back again, with my weekly favourite, again it is a beauty product sorry! But I have fallen back in love with this highlighter. I haven't worn highlighter in ages due to me been super lazy in a morning before work. I've chosen sleep over how my makeup has looked for far too long!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful highlighter?! It is stunning. Honestly I think you can see this highlight from Mars it is that amazing. It really does give you an amazing glow! I honestly think this highlight would suit anyone. It's a gorgeous honey/golden shade. Perfect.

Super pigmented, one little touch of the powder and it shows up so much! It's so soft and smooth and very easily blendable even with that pigmentation.

I use this on my (non-existent) cheek bones, my brow bone & in the inner corner. This could even be used as an eyeshadow which I haven't done, but you could try!

It lasts all day, I never have to top it up and it looks as good at night as it did when I first applied it in the morning.

It's honestly a dream. Even the packaging is so cool.

Lot's of Love

Dena Jayne

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