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Just call me Dena Jayne McGuinness BSc. 

I did it, finally after 3 years of hard work, blood, sweat & lot's of tears I graduated. There had been so many times, especially in my final year I wanted to throw the towel in and just give up but I stuck with it and finally did it. I didn't get the classification I wanted, but I honestly don't care. I achieved it, I finished it and all that matters is that I didn't let my personal issues and issues in life get the better of me. I saw it through until the end, which I never thought I'd do.

My first year was amazing, I loved it. I was so motivated to do well, even achieved quite a few firsts (shame they didn't count!) I couldn't be happier to have been there. A few weeks before my first year was over, my Grandad became ill and sadly he passed away. This destroyed me.

By the time second year began I'd had a few months to kind of get my head around losing my Grandad and again, I was motivated to do well, get my degree and enjoy it again. Myself and Jordan were so happy, we even decided to get engaged during summer break and in the February we bought a house together, so much to look forward too and University was going great for us both. That was until my Dad left. Again, it destroyed me, I couldn't cope. I was gutted, I was falling behind on getting my work in, which sucked I managed to get the work in but my results really showed. Some results were fantastic but others weren't so good.

At the start of my final year I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. Myself and Jordan were on a break and I really wanted to give up on Uni. I never really attended lectures and this really showed in my results. I couldn't be bothered with it anymore. I didn't want to sit there all day listening to lecturers go on for hours on end. I wanted to watch netflix series in bed instead.

Towards the end of my final year, I decided I needed to pull my socks up and get the work done. I managed it. I got the work in, I passed my degree and I graduated. I was so happy.

I'm so so so glad I didn't give up and luckily I've managed to get such an amazing job with Social Services. I couldn't be happier. I may not have gotten the classification I first set out to get, but I didn't give up. I battled a lot during my time at Uni and I didn't let them defeat me.

Lot's of Love

Dena Jayne

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