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Welcome back to the recently revamped denajayne.com!

I was so bored and un-motivated by both my theme, header and photo's on my blog that it was making blogging almost impossible. I shut my blog down for a few days, bought a new theme, went through old posts, deleted some, updated others and then ended up deleting them all, as I was so unhappy with them all & for some reason my posts had all different fonts, some posts even had 3 different fonts & they wouldn't change! how annoying! So this is where we are at now.

As well as changing my blog's theme/header and anything else I might have changed, I am also making a slight change to my schedule. Instead of posting seven days a week, I will now be only posts Monday to Friday. Seven post's was too much especially now I have a full time job. Blogging was a hobby I enjoyed and lately (since my hacking) I just lost my mojo and I want it to come back but I want to be happy with the look of my blog and the content on my blog. I will still be posting at 7am Monday to Friday so the time isn't going to change.

I also want to make it a goal of mine to be a much more interactive blogger. I need to bring back blogger of the month or something! I need to share that blogging love. I also need to comment on more blogs! I have slacked hard in the last few months!

One thing that will be consistent on my blog is that every Friday will be "my favourite of the week" now this could be anything. From beauty to food, to my favourite song/blog/film whatever! I will still be doing my monthly favourites (although I've now deleted all my previous ones) I just thought my 'Friday faves' would be something a little different and fun.

Speaking of deleting posts, I have deleted all the post's that were on this blog. You can really tell my mojo went since I got hacked. Something I plan to change! Just please bare with me!

Lot’s of Love

Dena Jayne

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