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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

First Impressions | Max Factor Miracle Touch.

Is it really a miracle touch?

I was minding my own business at work one day when one of the lovely women I work with asked me if I've ever seen or tried this foundation before, I hadn't. She was a bit gutted as she wanted to see what my thoughts were... So I went to Boot's on my lunch and purchased it to see what is was like. When I came back, Maureen actually gave me half the money towards as she felt bad... I didn't mind though, I like to try new things and Max Factor isn't a brand I've haven't really tried before. 

I didn't really know what to expect, I'm so used to foundation's in bottles with a pump so this was like a throwback to the dream matte mouse - kind of days! I was surprised at how well it went on though. The formula was very creamy and very bendable and it looked like I'd just added a new layer of skin.

Staying power
I decided I would do a little 'diary' of my day with the foundation:

06:20 - I applied a primer first then used my RT complexion sponge to apply the foundation, looks good, applied well. Isn't too shiny and blends well. 
08:20 - Still looked perfect, despite been out in the wind/rain whilst on my way to work!
10:20 - Still looked really good, can see it coming off my chin, as always! I need to not put my hands on my chin when I'm waiting for calls at work.
12:20 - Checked just before I went for lunch and still good, no need for a touch up!
14:20 - Same as before.
16:20 - Checked it just before I left work and still looks amazing. I'm not blotchy, oily or a mess! Can't believe how well it's lasting. 
18:20 - I checked it after eating my tea and it still looks good, even after been in the wind/rain again.
20:20 - I can finally take it off! Looks quite good though to say it's been on for 14 hours!

Colour match
I got it in the shade 'Creamy Ivory 040' it was a good match for my skin tone. 

Other details 
Packaging is odd, I didn't have a clue how to open it, until I saw the sticker that said 'twist'... oops. Hate that there is no mirror! Also the sponge was a little cheap. I don't ever use them though.

Um, maybe... it wasn't really for me in the first place though. 

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