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Monday, 1 August 2016

Personal | The A-Z of Me.

Find out a little more about me:

Adult Social Services. The field I currently work in.
Bradford. The place I was born, raised and still live now.
Coco Pops. My absolute favourite cereal.
Dressing Gown. I live in this thing, if it was acceptable to go to work in it, I would.
Emoji's. I use them too much, but I love them & they are so cute.
Fourteen. My lucky number, my birthday and a number that holds a special place in my heart.
Grandad. My hero. The only man to never let me down. I miss him.
Hoarder. Not badly, just of all thing's makeup & beauty.
Instagram. I am literally obsessed with this app! Follow me (cheeky plug).
January. The month I was born.
Kiehls. A brand I need to try.
Life. I need to start looking forward & living my life to the fullest again.
Mum. I world, rock & best friend.
Netflix. Where would the world be without Netflix?
Overweight. I am & I know it. I am doing something about it though.
Pandora. I own so many pieces of pandora jewellery. I love it.
Quilt. No matter the weather, I have to sleep under one.
Reality TV. I am obsessed. Love Island, Geordie Shore even The Kardashians. My guilty pleasures.
Shopping. End of story.
Technology. Life would no longer be the same without it.
University Graduate. I finally graduated after three long years. Woo.
Victoria Secrets. My favourite place to buy cute underwear sets.
Water. I currently have a goal to drink 2L of the stuff a day, so far I'm winning this goal.
X-Men. One of my favourite box sets.
Yes. Something I need to say more!
Zilch. The number of thing's I could think of to go here.

Lot's of Love

Dena Jayne

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