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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Review | L'Oreal Glow Mask.

Review | L'Oreal Glow Mask.

A different kind of mask.

Review | L'Oreal Glow Mask.

Review | L'Oreal Glow Mask.

I absolutely love face masks... I love giving my skin a good old pamper and even more so lately. I'd say this year I have definitely upped my skin care routine and really started to look after it. I try so hard to stick to a routine and stick to products I know work well with my skin.

I saw all over Instagram that L'Oreal had released some new masks, I have a tonne of clay masks, I think they are one of my favourites. I love how my face feels afterwards. I was intrigued by this mask in particular within the range. I'd never had a 'glow' mask before. So as it was only five pounds at the time, I thought I'd pick it up and give it a go. 

The texture is very creamy and has beads in. The colour is something I've never experienced in a mask before, the ones I usually use are green or grey so I was excited to try a different one... Sad I know but sometimes it is the little things. The beads inside the mask really exfoliate the skin, but not too harshly. 

After using this mask, you can instantly see a difference to your skin! It feels and looks so fresh. So many people commented on my skin and I knew it was because of this. 

I've many different masks, Liz Earle ones, Origins ones and Boot's own and this one, is one of my favourites! For £5 you really cannot go wrong! 

Lot's of Love

Dena Jayne

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