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Friday, 16 September 2016

Beauty | What Boy's Think Makeup Is.

What boy's think makeup is...

I've seen this little post floating around on the internet, I've laughed hard at some of these posts I've read and thought it was about time I did one of my own. Luckily I've been able to rope one of my work colleagues into doing it with me, Liam. He's been sat next to me for over a month now and spent many hours in Boots/Debenhams with me during lunch times. He also reads my blog! So I thought I'd see just how much he's learnt during his time of sitting next to me at work!

Primer: 'The stuff you put on a wall before you paint it to make things stick'
Foundation: 'That shit that makes you go orange'
Concealer: 'Sounds like polyfiller for your face'
Powder: 'Stuff you put on your nose'

Contour: 'I've no idea, bending shit'
Bronzer: 'Like fake tan'
Blusher: 'Makes you have red cheeks like your out of breath'
Highlight: 'Makes your face shiny'

Brow Pomade: 'That filler inna stuff that makes them proper thick'
Brow Gel: 'Like hair gel for your eyebrows'
Eyeshadow: 'Gives you ridiculous colour eyelids'
Mascara: 'To give long eyelashes'
Eyeliner: 'That's for little red bit under eyeball'
False Eyelashes: 'It says what it is'

Lipliner: 'Eyeliner for your lips'
Lipstick: 'Stuff you put on your lips like coloured vaseline'
Lipgloss: 'Shiny lip stuff that tastes like strawberries'

Setting Spray: 'Like posh hairspray or hair spray for idiots'

I hope his replies made you chuckle as much as they did me! I think it's pretty obvious he hasn't learnt a lot!

Lot's of Love

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