First Impressions | Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation 1.0.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation: 1.0. 

I've recently used up my beloved Nars Sheer Glow foundation and I'm running incredibly low on my Estee Lauder Double Wear so I couldn't decide whether I should re-purchase one of them or treat myself to something new. I'd seen this foundation raved about by many and then when I read Emma's review, my mind was made up. 

In the Summer I tend to opt for a dewy look but for Winter I prefer a more matte look. Lately I am also preferring a more of a full coverage foundation too, I get up very early most mornings to work out and sometimes this shows on my skin, so I need all the coverage I can get. I leave my house at around 7.15am for work and don't get home whilst 6pm so I need something long lasting as I'm out for most of the day and don't really want to be touching up my makeup whilst I am at work. So this foundation seemed perfect for me as Urban Decay claim this foundation is, full coverage, long lasting and also claims it's a matte finish. Urban Decay also claim it is oil free which is perfect for my combination skin. The foundation feels light weight on the skin which is a bonus as I hate anything too heavy on the skin. 

With this product a little really does go a long way, literally one pump covers my face and I do have quite chubby cheeks. One pump is literally all you need for a full coverage look which is good as normally it can take a few layers to get a proper full coverage look. Urban Decay also claim that the foundation is water proof? Now I can see why that would be amazing but I haven't really had chance to test that out.

There are a total of 24 shades in the range which makes it fairly easy to find a shade that suits you. The shades are either ending in .0 which means it has a yellow under tone whereas those ending in .5 means pink under tones. I got the shade 1.0 which is the second lightest in the range but it suits my skintone perfectly.

The packaging is just amazing, when I had bought it I took it back into the office and so many people complimented the bottle and how perfect the packaging was. It's gorgeous. The pump application gives the right amount of product that you need for one application.

All in all I really love this product and I would highly recommed purchasing it. It may even become my new favourite foundation.


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