Fitness Friday | My Favourite Personal Trainers.

My Favourite YouTube Personal Trainers. 

Carly | Carly Rowena.
Carly is just an absolute babe, or Legend as she likes to say! She has such an amazing, positive look on life which I think rocks. I love her workouts, vlogs, everything. Her tip videos are amazing too! Her one song workouts are just the best and even though it's just one song, you can feel the burn.

John & Leon | The Lean Machines.
These two are just amazing. Even though their lads, I can easily follow their tips/work outs. Both have such a positive outlook on life which I love.

Alice | Clean Eating By Alice.
I didn't know who Alice was, until I bought her book - which is amazing by the way! She doesn't post too much on YouTube but her Instagram is enough motivation for me. I'm obsessed with it.

Lucy | Lucy Wyndham-Read.
Lucy is probably my favourite. I do her work outs the most. There easy to follow, quick and easy. I love how each day is different and it never gets boring. I'm obsessed.

Lot's of Love
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