Haul | A Pay Day One.

A Pay Day Haul.

I did it, I went through September pay month (15th - 15th) without buying any makeup! Hands up if you're proud of me *raises hands*. I did have quite the splurge on this payday but it was well deserved. I picked up some gorgeous pieces which I'd wanted for a while and know I will get a lot of use of. People are forever telling me that I spend too much money on makeup and I already have a shade like that but I work hard for my money, I'll spend it how I like.

Have you ever seen a more beautifully packaged eyeshadow palette? No, me neither until now. It's perfect. I've wanted it since I laid eyes on it. It was number one on my wishlist and I picked it up straight away. A review will be up later this week. 

I've needed a new foundation for a while, I've ran out of my absolute favourite Nars Sheer Glow & I'm nearly at the end of my Estee Lauder DW foundation so I thought long and hard about whether or not to repurchase one of the other two or purchase a new one entirely. Once I'd read a few reviews and gone to get a shade test done, my mind was made up and this was my choice. 

I've been in need of a new eyeshadow primer for ages and I won't lie I didn't set out for this one it was one of those recommended to me at the counter and I couldn't say no!

MAC Eye Makeup Remover | Free Sample

As soon as I saw these new lipsticks by MAC I just had to have one! I did actually want 'Doe' but it's out of stock everywhere (or it was on Payday) so I opted for my second choice. It's a gorgeous shade & it is super pigmented.

I've wanted OAK liner for so long, it is quite hard to get hold of, so when it was finally in stock when I was placing an order I just had to grab it. 

I actually purchased this off Emma on Depop. I actually buy ALOT from her. I've wanted to try something Kat Von D for ages now and as it's not easily available in the UK I thought I'd give this a try. 

Soap & Glory is a drugstore brand I really rate. I love every single product I've tried of theirs. I wanted this palette last year but was never able to snap it up so thought I'd get it whilst I could this year. Honestly it's a little like the Urban Decay Naked palette but I love it. 

Sleek Matte Me Mini Collection | £5.00
Honestly, I purchased this for Birthday Suit alone. That Matte Me is so hard to get a hold of. All four shades are gorgeous and for £5 for 4 lip products you cannot go wrong!

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