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Bloggers I Love

Bloggers who's blogs I love to read. 

Emma | EmmysBeautyCave.
Emma's blog gives me serious blogger envy. It's perfect. Her photography is out of this world. I'm obsessed. Her tip posts are so detailed but easy to follow and I honestly value her opinion. She also made my blogger header which I love so if you fancy a new header, make sure you head over to her blog for more information.

Laura | LauraHadley.
Laura, Laura, Laura. I'm so envious of her photos, her makeup collection and her knowledge of all things blogging. Her blog is amazing, one I read often. Her Instagram is also amazing! Laura is one of the nicest girls I've met through blogging and I'm glad we got talking, I think we actually speak every single day!
Anna | TheAnnaEdit.
Anna is one of the bloggers who is so dedicated to her blog that you just have to love it anyway. Her photography is always spot on, I'm very envious. It's a mixture of beauty/fashion/lifestyle and fitness which I really enjoy. Her YouTube videos are amazing too. Sunday mornings are made for eating breakfast watching Anna's video at 9am!

Emmie | CarpeDiemEmmie.
I've known Emmie forever. Since I was about 11 or 12 and way before we both started blogging. Thanks to good old Bebo. Do you remember that platform?! Emma's blog is something totally different to what I usually read as she isn't a beauty blogger but I still love it. She's also just started out on YouTube and I love her videos too.

Lexi | LexiLife95.
The newest blog I've discovered and fallen in love with. Not only is Lexi absolutely stunning but her blog is too. It's a mixture of everything, including fitness posts which I'm really into reading at the moment, as soon as I found Lexi's blog, I followed her on every social media platform going. She's just perfection.

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