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How I Grew On Instagram.

To some people having 1,000 followers on Instagram is nothing, to others it's amazing. I'm one of those who finds it an amazing accomplishment. I've had my current Instagram page for just over a year now. At first I started off with a personal one, then when I got into blogging I created a beauty one. I then went onto deleting the two of them and creating one specific for my blog only.

Back in September 2015 I had 55 followers fast forward a year and I now have an amazing 1.1k on there. In recently months, my Instagram has come on leaps and bounds. In September alone I gained over 400 followers - amazing I know I couldn't believe it myself but I spent a lot of time working on my 'theme' trying to perfect it and I am finally happy with how my photo's are looking.

1. Have a theme and stick to it. I can't explain how much this helps. Sometimes (rarely) I break off from my theme and post a random selfie, or a meaningful quote, but I very rarely break my theme.
2. Hashtags. I never used a single hashtag on my blog up until around August time. I didn't see the point but now I do. They reach out to a lot more people who wouldn't usually see my photos.
3. Editing. I try so hard to edit each picture in the same way and I guess this kind of fits in with my theme.
4. Tagging people/brands. It just helps the brand or person also see the photo you have taken which helps others to see it, especially if the brand likes it.
5. Adding a location. Something I didn't do until I read Emma's post where she stated how important this was. You can read Emma's post here.
6. Group chats for comments/likes. This helps as it is a great way of meeting other Instagrammers who you may not have seen before.
7. Being Active. Liking other peoples pictures, commenting on their posts! It all really helps out.

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