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Kiss Nail Goodies*.

Kiss Nails* | £7.95
I was excited to see these in the parcel, honestly I haven't used stick on nails in so long. I was particularly happy with these ones not only because they are beautiful but they have a little tab on the top which made application quick and easy! I'm terrible at applying false nails as I usually get glue everywhere but these were easy to apply as I could hold onto the tab rather than the nail itself.

Kiss Nail Glue* | £2.79
I'm always a little sceptical about stick on false nails, I hate the thought that they could come off at any moment, theres nothing worse than been out and about with false nails off and one or two of them popping off. The glue claimed it had 'maximum speed' meaning it dried quickly and easily. This was in fact true, it dried quicker, but, I still waited a while before I did anything to crazy as I didn't want them to spring off. It was a good glue though!

Kiss Nail File*
I was excited when I received this parcel as I honestly thought I'd get sent a set of nails to try and that's it. I was super happy to see a nail file in the package too! Silly I know, but I have been meaning to pick up a new nail file for a while now, just every time I go to Boot's I get side tracked by all the other amazing goodies, half the time I forget what I actually went in for. Decent nail files are hard to come by though. Some are too thin, some are too thick. It's hard to find the perfect file. For years I weren't really one to take care of my nails, but recently I have been putting more and more effort in with them. Another thing that surprised me about this nail file, is that fact it is washable. Yes you read that correctly, washable! I was shocked too! This was something I'd never seen before in my life. I was excited to open it, use it and then wash it to see what that was all about..

imPress Nails*
These nails I have been using for a long time, if for any reason I need a quick nail fix and I am unable to get to my nail technician I head to Boots and pick up a set of these. There is a huge range to choose from, so many different styles, shapes and colours, sometimes it's hard to choose a set! However, I have never used the french tip ones until now...
The nails come with self-adhesive already attached to the back of the nails and all you have to do is peal the backing off. This works fine, they last a while but honestly I prefer using glue, I find that it just lasts that little bit longer and they feel more secure. It's all down to personal preference as some people don't like applying glue to their fingers so least the option not to is there. The packaging I find really cute too! I love that there in a nail polish style container. Adds a little something to the product.
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