Review | Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette.

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics. 

Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette | £38.50

I always without fail get excited when I hear that Urban Decay are releasing a new product, especially when that product is an eyeshadow palette. Urban Decay eyeshadows are some of my favourites, each palette is always different and alway's good quality.

For a few weeks now I have seen this palette all over the internet, whether that be Youtube, Instagram or Pinterest, it's everywhere. It's been on my wish list for a while now, since I first laid eyes on it, I knew as soon as payday arrived I'd be queuing up in Debenhams waiting to purchase this palette! (you can see what else I picked up here).

Firstly the palette itself is gorgeous. I love the rose gold colour, I love the detailing on the front it is very Instagram-able. Looks wise, it's the perfect palette. However, the feel of it, isn't all that. In fact it feels quite cheap and flimsy something you wouldn't expect from a palette with that price tag, but I can get over that. It comes with a double ended brush, similar but smaller than those in the other naked palettes and it also has a decent sized mirror inside, which is a bonus as I always forget to put a compact in my makeup bag.

I wasn't keen on Basics one, I do, however, own Basics two which when I received it was my favourite palette, it was right up my street and very versatile.

This palette comes with twelve brand new shades to Urban Decay which are all matte:
  • Blow: light nude. 
  • Nudie: pinkish nude. 
  • Commando: light taupe. 
  • Tempted: pale brown. 
  • Instinct: pinkish-taupe. 
  • Lethal: redish/brown. 
  • Pre-game: pale yellow.
  • Extra Bitter: burnt orange. 
  • Faith: warm medium brown. 
  • Lockout: neutral brown. 
  • Magnet: smokey grey. 
  • Blackjack: black. 
So the question on everyones lips... Is it worth it? Yes! Yes! Yes! £38.50 for a Urban Decay palette is worth every penny and this would is perfect. I love that it's all matte shades, which makes it perfect for me anyway. I often find that palettes tend to have more shimmers than mattes and I love me some matte shades. I do love an all matte palette and this one is just, wow. My favourites from the palettes are:
  • Blow
  • Lethal
  • Extra bitter
  • Faith
  • Lockout
Urban Decay claim that these shadows rich, velvety and blendable. Something I do in fact agree with. They never fail to deliver amazing products and this one is no execption. Urban Decay also state that they are long lasting, something I also agree with. The shadows are all pigmented but to make them appear even more pigmented I apply an eyeshadow primer to make them stand out more and last even longer.

You'll be happy to know, this isn't limited edition it is apart of the permanent collection.

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