Fitness Friday | The Benefits of Running.

The Benefits of Running.

I've never really been bothered about running, I could never be bothered nor did it excite me like other workouts do, but one morning I woke up and felt like going for a run, so I did. I mean yeah, it was for about 4 minutes around the block but it was a start. I haven't done many of those runs since I must admit, as I do like weight training or HIIT training. I alway's feel better after a work out and for some reason after a run I feel amazing, like I have accomplished something great. I am actually planning to do my first park run in December and I cannot wait - crazy I know!

  • It makes you so much more happier. 
  • Helps lose weight.
  • Helps with anxiety. 
  • Strengthens parts of your body. 
  • Its free and easy.
  • Its a good stress reducer.
  • Can help you to live longer.

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