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The Body Shop Face Masks.

 I was intrigued by The Body Shop's new range of face masks straight away and couldn't wait to try them. Honestly if my bank account would let me, I'd own them all. I honestly find that spending that little bit more money on a face mask is worth it. Don't get me wrong the face masks you get for around a pound are ok, but, I find that using one that costs more, works it's wonders on my skin. I can honestly see a difference when using a decent face mask and I feel pampered without stepping foot in a spa! My skin is something I have really started to take care of, and I think it is worth the investment. 

I am addicted to face masks, especially charcoal masks, I find that they do the most for my skin in terms of how it looks and feels. The Himalayan mask was created to unclog, reveals a glow and refines the appearance of pores. If you are looking for a healthy glow and to help release toxins in the skin then this face mask is for you. 

Inside the Himalayan mask is a powerful bamboo charcoal, which helps draw out impurities and the oils within the skin. Green tea leaves which help to exfoliate the skin and Tea Tree Oil from Kenya which helps keep the skin clearer looking, honestly I cannot rave about Tea Tree Oil enough for the skin. 

Like most charcoal face masks, once applied it does feel quite tight on the skin, however, that isn't something to worry about. Instantly skin feels smooth, refreshed and clearer. 

I have never tried a face mask with Chinese Ginseng, which I've heard a tonne about. This face mask was inspired by traditional beauty remedies and was created to provide an at home facial experience. Again, this mask helps to make your skin glow and helps uplift your senses.

Inside the Chinese Ginseng & Rice mask is a combination of revitalising Ginseng, obviously from China, an extract of moisturising rice, also from China and Sesame seed oil from Nicaragua which helps the skin to appear brighter.

Instantly skin appears brighter, more even and feels brand new. It's honestly amazing.

Both face masks are made from natural, exotic ingredients and have never been tested on animals. 

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