Review | L'or Des Pharaons Anti-Aging Face Mist*.

L'or Des Pharaons Anti-Aging Face Mist*.

L'or Des Pharaons Anti-Aging Face Mist* | £40.00

I've tried a few face mists over the last year or so, but not one specifically for anti-aging. I have used anti-acing products but liked the idea of a mist as they are quick and easy to use. The face mist, which can also be used as a body mist is made up of purified and revitalised water containing monatomic, diatomic and nanoclusters of pure platinum and pure zinc which helps to enhance the natural complexion of the skin and helps with those wrinkles! I know I'm only 22 but you've got to start early and wrinkles scare me. 

The Health Factory stated that "Ever since the beginnings of time, gold has been considered a gift from the gods to stay young, healthy and beautiful. In Ancient Egypt, the Gold of the Pharaohs was used for face masks to preserve the skin, while monatomic gold was used to rejuvenate and extend human lifespan. This is the true value of gold". Not sure how true this is, but it sounds amazing. 

The product contains zinc, which helps with oil control is it is perfect for those with either oily skin or combination skin (which I have) and I have noticed that my skin hasn't been as oily in parts. The product also contains platinum which helps to tone the skin making it look and feel younger.

Applied on skin before make-up and creams, L’Or des Pharaons’ pure ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin layers. It makes my skin feel firmer and much more refreshed. I can't say anything about the wrinkles as I've only been using it a few weeks, I've actually starting using this in my daily routine. 
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*Products were sent to review, however, all opinions are 100% my own*.

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