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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Review | Shadow Switch*

Shadow Switch, Dry Brush Cleaner*.

Shadow Switch | £5.99*

I for one, hate cleaning my brushes, it's such a mammoth task! I have more brushes than the average Joe and seriously, it takes me forever. I have many products to help clean my brushes, whether that be for a spot clean or a deep clean, but none seem to be quick enough to use for a decent quick clean where I can use the same brush over and over for the same eye look using different shades. I have a brush cleaner by MAC but it's in liquid form and it leaves my brushes feeling a little wet and greasy a little after so I am unable to use that brush until it dried correctly.

When I was asked if I wanted to receive the Shadow Switch* to try out I practically bit their hands off. I've been after something quick and easy for so long. At first I thought it might be a little gimmicky but it's actually not. With one simple step; after using a brush in one colour, glide the brush around the black sponge in a circular motion and watch the colour from the brush disappear. The brush is then re-usable. I wouldn't say it makes my brush spotless, but it does remove colour making me able to use the same brush again. It's perfect for travel and I actually took this with me on a recent visit to Blackpool and was able to use it to clean my eye brushes quickly and easily.

Each sponge typically lasts for two months before you should replace it but you can wash the sponge inside the tin by using warm water and soap and leaving it until it is completely dry.

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