Skincare | My Night Routine.

My Night Skincare Routine.

Last month I shared with you my morning skincare routine, so now it's time to share my evening skincare routine with you. It's so hard to stick to a particular, especially when I'm feeling super lazy, I often wish it was acceptable to take my makeup off with a makeup wipe and get straight into bed but it's not okay to do that! I'm forever getting told I have great skin... something I don't agree with but so many people say I do so maybe I should take their word for it.

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm |  £38.00
This was the first ever cleansing balm I have ever tried and honestly it has gotten me addicted. It's amazing. The tiniest amount works wonders. It removes everything, my skin feels completely clean after using this! 

I then go onto using the Nip & Fab exfoliating pads just to make sure not only all my makeup is properly removed but to exfoliate my skin on my face too. I don't find them too harsh on my skin like other face exfoliators can be. 

My moisturiser of choice lately has been this one from Liz Earle. During the colder months, my skins becomes quite dry in certain areas and it drives me insane. However, this moisturiser sure does the trick as it keeps the dryness at bay. It's full of natural products too. 

I've been obsessed with this eye cream since I received a sample pot in the Benefit birch box earlier this year. I can honestly see and feel a difference. Again, a small amount goes a long way. It's incredible. Also, how cute is Benefit's skincare packaging?

I received this from a random order I made on FeelUnique. I've no idea of what it's real purpose is but I love applying this to certain areas of my skin and love how my skin looks and feels after using it. It feels so luxurious I love it.

Sudocrem | £2.09
This only comes into my night time routine if and when I have a breakout. I apply it as a mask as it states it is good for spots/acne. I find it helps to dry the spots out and helps get rid of them quicker.

Tea Tree Oil | £8.00
Again, I don't use this often but if I do get an angry spot or a blemish I apply this using a cotton pad and it seems to work it's magic. The scent is quite strong but it works so that's all that matters.
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