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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blogmas | Hair Care For Winter Months.

Hair Care For Winter Months. 

Winter is the time of the year where not only does my skin become a little dryer but my hair does too! So I have to step up my hair game a lot during the winter months. I used to have to wash my hair every single day and it'd be greasy again the next morning, it was a nightmare I wasn't sure why it was so greasy it was just ridiculous! I then decided to train my hair. I would no matter how bad it looked, not wash my hair every day I would wash it, miss a day and repeat. I then missed another day and again, so on. I now wash my hair twice a week and I don't even have to dry shampoo in-between washes anymore. When it is my 'lady time' I wash it three times in that week as it does go a little greasier but nothing like it used to be like!

I recently got a full head of highlights making me the blondest I have been in my life so I've hard to change my routine in regards to what products I use so here they are:

As I am a natural brunette, quite a dark one at that too I need to keep my bleached hair looking lovely and not brassy. I decided I needed to get a shampoo & conditioner which helped keep my hair looking and feeling healthy and help keep my blonde tones, blonde. 

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Mask | £8.99

I have been using this for ages now, then forgot all about it. Recently I've decided to add it back to my collection. My hair needs that little bit more care during the colder months, it seems to become dryer and this helps keep it feeling nourished. Not only that it helps it grow! Well I believe it goes anyway, I don't mean like it grows 8 inches over night, but I honestly believe this makes a difference.

Jerome Russel Bblonde Lightening Spray* | £5.99

I've been using this for a fair few number of weeks now and I use it once a week, usually on my Sunday hair wash day, if I a going out or whatever and I wash my hair especially I also use this as it honestly helps make my hair appear lighter. Each time I've used this, I've gone into work and someone always asks if I've had my hair re-done, when I haven't and I honestly think it is down to this little beauty!

John Freida Frizz Ease Oil Elixir | £9.99

Having got natually curly (bushy) hair, which is bleached and becomes dryer in Winter, I had to whip this out of my collection again. It honestly makes such a difference to your hair! You use the tiniest amount but it goes a long way. I use it on both wet and dry hair and it doesn't make hair look or feel greasy. It's the perfect hair care product.

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*Products were sent to review, however, all opinions are 100% my own*.

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