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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Blogmas | I Organised A Blogger Secret Santa.

I Organised A Blogger Secret Santa.

I had a little brain wave around the start of November and thought it would be a lovely idea to get a small group of bloggers together and organise a little Secret Santa. I thought it would be a good idea to keep it quite small and stuck with ten bloggers as my number. I asked my friend Emma, who joined in the Secret Santa and she helped me gather a lovely group of bloggers together. We had a whatsapp group where we had random bits of chatter and shared our social media platforms so we could find out what they are into, what they like and what they hate.

I was lucky enough to recieve a lovely parcel in the post by Ruby. I didn't know it was Ruby who sent it. We all agreed that we wouldn't tell anybody who we had, we'd just have to guess once the parcels arrived and we has opened them. My parcels were beautifully wrapped and had the cutest little sayings on the labels and it was such a lovely touch to the presents. Each one had a tiny bauble on too which was even cuter.

Ruby got my presents spot on! I was so happy with everything I received. I was quite surprised really at how well she'd done considering she didn't me at all, all she had was my blog and my social media accounts to go from.

Mojito Cocktail Set

I love a cocktail or two and I've never actually made my own before so I am super excited to get making one or two over the festive period. I've never in my life seen these before, but I love it. I love that instead of a cocktail shaker it comes with a mason jars! Perfect for a blogger like myself and oh did I mention, it's copper too!


Zoeva is a brand I love trying, their products are always spot on. I've tried everything but their lip products I think so I was happy to receive this as it means I get to try one of their lip products finally! It's a gorgeous shade which just shows how amazing Ruby is at finding out what people would love.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow

I love MUG eyeshadows, I currently have nine in my collection which means I am now going to have to buy another palette to put this one in, but I'm not bothered, gives me a reason to buy even more! I love the shade roulette, that Ruby picked out, I think it'll look beautiful on too.

Maybelline Nail Set

I was really happy when I opened this present as I said earlier that day I needed to go get some Christmas nail varnish as I won't have time to go get my nails done this year! So I was happy to receive this as the red is a gorgeous colour meaning I can wear that on Christmas day now!

One Line A Day Notebook

I think this is an adorable idea, something a little different but completely fun too. I'm going to start this on the first of January and keep it next to my bed and hopefully I'll stick to writing in it every day for the next five years. It would be so cute to look back on.

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