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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Blogmas | The Most Beautiful Nails & Lashes*

The Most Beautiful Nails & Lashes*

I love having my nails done, theres something about having nice nails that makes me feel complete. Usually I get acrylics done, but it's hard to get a spare few hours to get them done when working full time so sometimes I have no choice but to use stick on nails. Kiss are a brand I've tried before and was amazed at how good their nails and other products were and couldn't wait to experiment with more. 

Can we just take a minute? How beautiful are these nails please? Stunning. They are even more perfect for this time of year, who doesn't love a bit of sparkle in their lives around this time of year. Unlike other false nails I've tried, these actually last. I can wear them for anything between 5-10 and they still look perfect on day ten! Usually as soon as I pull my jeans off they spring off so for them to last so long is amazing. This set comes with self adhesive tabs, or glue which makes it up to you which one you choose. I opted for a glue sent to me by Kiss before, which you can read about here.

Firstly, lets start with an apology for the above photo, it was the only one I took the night I was wearing the lashes where you could actually see them. These lashes were perfect, I'm normally one for a subtle lash look but I was instantly obsessed with these, they did need a little trim as I have smaller eyelids than eyelashes comes at but that wasn't a problem as the lashes were amazing! They were quick & easy to apply and lasted the whole night until I took them off once I had gotten home. They are reusable which is also a bonus & the fact there so cheap makes me a happy person!

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