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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Blogmas | My 2017 Goals.

My 2017 Goals.

I never set myself any particular goals at the start of 2016, I'd only just really gotten into blogging and was still finding my feet with the whole process. This year I decided I wanted to set myself some goals with regards to not only blogging but my life in general too. So at the end of 2017 I can look back at them and see if I was able to achieve any of them.

Blog Goals.

Reach DA of 25, I am currently on 22.
Stick to a regular posting schedule.
Better my photography.
Reach 25,000 all time views, I'm currently on 11,200+.

Social Media Goals.

Twitter: 4,000 followers.
Instagram:3,000 followers.
Pinterest: 1,000 followers.
Facebook Page: 1,000 likes.
Bloglovin: 750 followers.
Youtube: 100 subscribers.

Fitness Goals.

Do a park run.
Do Race for Life.
Drop two dress sizes.
Be able to wear knee high boots.

Personal Goals.

Do a Sky Dive.
Meet some blogger friends, especially Emma, Laura & Ruby.
Get a full time, permanent job.
I would love to move into my own home.

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