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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Blogmas | My Favourite Christmas Films.

My Favourite Christmas Films. 

I love Christmas, I love how much time I get to spend with my family & I love nothing more than cosying up and watching a Christmas film or two. I don't often watch films, but theres something about Christmas that just makes me want to watch so many! So here's my top ten!

  1. Home Alone. Alot of people say Home Alone isn't a Christmas film but I just love watching it around this time of year, I love it all year round in fairness but I especially love it around this time of year.
  2. Home Alone 2. This is my favourite ever film, I could watch it over and over and over again without getting bored of it. It has me in absolute stitches. I would love to go to New York and stay in the hotel he stayed in even if it was just for one night.
  3. Elf. I mean who doesn't love Elf? It's so funny. I mean who doesn't love a 6ft tall Elf called Buddy?
  4. The Grinch. The Grinch is such a cute film and even though he's a nasty fella to start with, his heart begins to grow and I do love a happy ending.
  5. Jingle All The Way. Such a random film, but one I love it. How cute that his Dad turned out to be his real life super hero, even if it was just for one day.
  6. The Santa Clause. A classic, how can anybody not like this film?
  7. Jack Frost. I haven't seen this film for years, but I love it. One I need to watch this year I reckon.
  8. A Christmas Carol. The first time I ever watched this film was last year and I love it.
  9. Bad Santa. This one is such a funny one! I laugh out loud every time I watch it.
  10. Love Actually. Such a cute romantic film, one that I love.
Which Christmas films are your favourites? I'd love to know so I can watch some of your recommendations!
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