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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Blogmas | A Random Haul.

A Random Haul.

I know, I know. Another one but oh well. I've just two more Christmas presents to buy so why can't I treat myself, I won't ramble too much but here are some bits I've picked up recently. 

Antipodes Moisture Boost Minis | £12.99

I've wanted to try Antipodes for the longest time, I was lucky enough to get this in the Black Friday sales and thought it would be the perfect way to test out the product.

I was recently in Superdrug and noticed my favourite tan of all time has products I'd never seen before. Not sure if this is new? But I cannot wait to use it.

My sister asked me to get her a glow kit for Christmas & I couldn't remember which one she wanted, so I bought two for her to choose from & kept the other for myself. Win, win. 

I have wanted to try one of these for ages! So I was happy when I finally found it in stock in the shade I wanted. 

Brow Palette | £7.99

I wanted to get back into trying MUR and I'm testing new things out for my brows, so obviously this found its way into my basket. 

I think I own this, but it's just beautiful and  I love the packaging! 

Eyeshadow Palette | £6.00

This palette is stunning I just cannot find it online! I checked both Superdrug & MUR it has the most beautiful colours. 

Strobe Palette | £8.00

Again, something I've cannot find online but I've never tried strobing before and wanted to so thought I'd try some MUR bits. 

I got this to see if it compared to my MAC strobe cream which I love. So we shall see. Might even include a comparison up on the blog next year, who knows!

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