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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Blogmas | Youtubers I love.

Youtubers I love.

Today's post is me sharing the love for my favourite Youtubers! I have been watching Youtube videos for years now and I have come across so many amazing people on the platform across the years. The one's listed below are ones I watch over and over again and cannot miss a single video once they've reached my subscription box. I'm more into fitness Youtubers at the moment as I love watching their routines, finding out what they eat and what tips they have! I love daily vlogs too, someone could just be sat there talking about pretty much anything and I still have to watch, strange isn't it?

Gabriella | VelvetGh0st Gabbie, is someone I have watched for such a long time now and I am still so obsessed with her vlogs. I also love her main channel videos and find her one of the most relatable bigger Youtubers out there. She seems really genuine and I love that.

Ruby | RubyRedR0ses Ruby is someone I only came across when I decided to do my blogger secret santa and boy am I glad I did. She's a beautiful girl, inside and out and I love her makeup looks that she creates and at the moment I am loving her vlogmas too! She's a superstar, she vlogs, is still at school and works too!

Sarah | Sarahs Day Sarah is a fitness gal I recently came across and I am in love with her attitude to life. I love watching her workout routines and seeing what sort of foods she eats in a day. Her body is also flawless! I love it.

Joe | Thatcher Joe Ah, Joseph. My favourite male Youtuber ever. I love every single video he creates. His pranks have me in absolute stitches and I love his non-daily vlogs too. I also love his sense of human and the relationship he has with Zoe.

Jodie | Just Jodes Jodie has come along leaps and bounds lately, I swear she gained like 100,000 subbies over night! She puts so much time, thought and effort into her videos and it shines through. She's so positive and I love that about her.

Zanna | Zanna Van Dijk Zanna is a total babe! Her energy is something I need. She's so positive and happy and I love it. Her workouts are amazing and I love her videos in general. I cannot wait for her book to arrive on my door step!

Rebecca | Rebecca Lamb Becky, is someone I have known for years, she has a blog and a Youtube channel. Her videos are something a little different for me, as she vlogs alot about her life as a Mum. Her family is adorable. She also includes a tonne of makeup tutorials which I love to watch.

Whitney | Whitney Simmons Whitney is also a babe! Her energy and personality really shine through in her videos. I love love love her sarcasm! She's 100% relatable and I love watching her videos! I love when fitness bloggers add a touch of beauty onto their blog/vlogs!

Nishi | Nishi V Nishi, is stunning and I mean stunning! Her eyes are the most gorgeous eyes ever. Her tutorials are amazing and her makeup collection is to die for!

So these who are in my subscription box who I am loving at the moment!

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