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Friday, 6 January 2017

Fitness Friday | My Progress In December.

My Progress In December. 

I know it seems like I've been stopping and starting my fitness journey, but so many things had gotten in the way. I decided on the 4th December I stopped letting things get in the way and I needed to put my all into it.

So on the 4th of December I got on the scales and used the body analyser option to check on my body stats:

My starting weight was 12 stone 12. Not my heaviest but I am not happy with my weight.

Body Fat %: 45
Water %: 41.9
BMI: 31.3
Muscle %: 30

It stated I was allowed 1614 calories a day but I stuck with my original goal of 1,500. I was SO shocked at my body fat percent, this is something that needs changing so badly, I never take notice of my BMI but it came up at this, which didn't shock me to be honest.

One week later: 11th December my weight was 12 stone 6. I was happy I lost 6lbs in the first week, which was amazing.

Body Fat %: 44.1
Water %: 42.3
BMI: 30.8
Muscle %: 30.8

The following week 18th December my weight reached 12 stone 4.5 lbs which meant I lost 1lb and a half. I again was happy with this.

Body Fat %: 43.5
Water %: 42.5
BMI: 30.5
Muscle %: 30.4

I didn't want to way myself of Christmas Day so I weighed myself a day early. I weighed 12 stone 3.5 lbs on Christmas Eve and I was happy with that as I had works Christmas do, a shared lunch and work and a tonne of cheese and wine.

Body Fat %: 43.1
Water %: 42.7
BMI: 30.3
Muscle %: 30.5

Finally came my last weigh in, I was in Blackpool for my weigh day so I did it when I came home from a weekend away in Blackpool which contained a lot of junk food and even more alcohol. This didn't bother me as it was Christmas/New Year and I wanted to let my hair down, in the end my weight was 12 stone 6.5 lbs so I had put on 3lbs, but I'm happy and know I'm 100% back to it... Or so I thought until I came down with tonsilitis, however, once I'm better I plan to be 100% back on plan. I hope to attend gym classes, I'm sorting out a PT and ready to lose some fat!

Body Fat %: 44.3
Water %: 42.2
BMI: 30.9
Muscle %: 30.2

I cannot wait wait to get back on track, I'm hoping this tonsillitis goes asap! I need to workout! Please follow my Instagram fitness account here.

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