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Monday, 9 January 2017

Haul | What I Bought On Boxing Day.

What I Bought On Boxing Day.

As if I didn't get enough for Christmas, I decided I wanted to treat myself because why the hell not? As you may know, I decided come January the first, I put myself on a spending ban and I had actually planned to do so for quite a while, I need to start saving so what better time to do it, than at the start of a new year. So I thought I may as well have a little enormous splurge before chopping up my bank card for the next few months.

Not everything I bought is included in this haul, I bought myself some new clothes and some new heeled black boots which were all from New Look and they bought myself fifteen bath bombs in the Lush sale and I didn't include them because basically I couldn't be bothered. That's a good enough reason right? Oh and I also bought myself a bed of nails, sounds a bit scary right? However, it's one of the best things I have ever bought.

So Boxing Day saw me browsing for more MAC makeup, did I probably need anymore? No? Well in fact yes I did. I recently went out with people from work and wanted to do a completely different eye look to normal, I wanted to do a silver one, did I own a silver eyeshadow? Did I heck, so I thought I best add one to my collection. I also had two empty spaces in my MAC lipstick holder which needed filling up so I opted for Whirl and Creme In Your Coffee now my MAC lipstick collection holder is complete (I need to now complete my Limited Edition collection one). There was no real reason I bought the powder or the other eyeshadow other than the fact I liked them, they were cheap so I bought them. 

I have wanted to try some too faced lip products for ages, especially the melted chocolate lip product in the shade 'chocolate milkshake' I am yet to try it but was glad I was finally able to get my hands on it as it is forever sold out at my local debenhams. Another product I have wanted to try for absolutely ages in the bronzer in the shade 'Rachel and Ross' not going to lie, I got this because I am a die hard Friends fan but I do like the shades too.

I'm so excited to finally own a Tom Ford lipstick, I have wanted one in my collection forever! It may only be the smaller version but I don't care, I love the lipstick, I love the shade and I love the packaging. I opted for the shade Alexander if you're interested.

After trying and loving the Gleam glow kit by ABH, I thought it was time for another and then my eyes fell upon this beauty. I mean look at it, its beautiful. I have a review coming up this week so no more shall be said in this post.

Yay, I am finally a real blogger. Not only do I now own the Hour Glass Ambient Lighting palette, I own the marble effect one too. So it's official I am a blogger. I am obsessed with this palette. Not only is it gorgeous to look at but the powders are beautiful too. 

I needed some eyelashes and wanted to try out some new ones, I found these ones and they were so cheap so I thought why not. I love eylure eyelashes so I cannot wait to give these a try.

I of course had to get some more of my favourite tan as I wanted to make sure I had enough for New Years Eve, I just love it. It goes on well, it smells nice and doesn't break the bank. I actually got the St Tropez dry oil a few days after Boxing Day as I saw it was half price (£5) in Boots and thought I'd give it a try New Years Eve. It gave me a bit of shimmer and I did like it. I'm glad I didn't pay full price though.

I'm such a fan of skincare at the moment, I already own one of the masks from L'Oreal and thought it was time to add one of the others to my ever growing collection. I am also obsessed with Pixi skin care goodies and saw this collection of minis was in one of the sales somewhere, so I picked it up. I've been going to Blackpool a bit to stop over at my Dad's Girlfriends so I thought some minis for travel would be perfect.

I'm really getting into fitness, health and food lately, so I picked up two new books. The Lucy one was cheap and I thought it'd be good for recipes and some advice. My favourite ever Youtuber released a book called 'Strong' and honestly I am obsessed with it. If you don't own it, buy it.

Whilst I was in Boots I also picked up two of Zoe's notebooks, they were half price so I thought why not.

What did you pick up in the sales? Or even recently?
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