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As you've probably all guessed by now, my name is Dena Jayne, it's not double barrelled although I wish it was, Dena is my first name and Jayne is my middle name. I'm currently twenty three and live in West Yorkshire, Bradford to be exact. If you're not sure where that is, it's right next door to Leeds. I've recently just graduated from the University of Bradford and I currently work full time for Social Services - Adults department. 

I am a beauty enthusiast and a full on makeup hoarder. I love the stuff. I literally cannot go anywhere without buying makeup, or anything beauty related. I am obsessed. That's why I started to blog. I wanted to share my passion and interest of makeup/beauty products and discover other people whose interests are the same as mine. I do tend to stick a random post in here and there, to get to know myself a little bit more.

I've recently just got into healthy eating, working out and fitness in general so I've decided to add that to my blog as every Friday. So I hope you don't mind but it's becoming a massive part of my life and I hope it will help to keep me motivated. My biggest goal of 2017 is to become a much stronger, happier version of myself. 

I won't bore you for too long, want to know anything else? 
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